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Denim Blogger Love

  • We asked ourselves, what makes the perfect pair of jeans? What constitutes the dreamiest denims? The answer: they’ve got to be tight in the right places and just loose enough in others. They must be supremely comfy. They need to function night and day and you’ve got to be able to style them any which way. Have a look around (up, down, right, left) and we think you’ll see we’ve nailed it. All these dreamy street style stars rocking the goods seem to think so too.

  • Washes and fit are a big deal, we spend a lot of time
    obsessing over patinas and pouring over vintage shots
    of our favorite denim dream girls. (Hello Birkin.
    Hello Rampling. Oh hi there Fawcett.)
    Good jeans come and go, but great jeans stay for years.
    They age like a fine wine. They can help you get out the door.
    They’re the ultimate pick-me-up pants. Oh denim,
    we’d be quite lost without you.