For our SPRING COLLECTION photo shoot, we decided to enlist documentary photographer, Laura Kleinhenz, to come and capture some of what goes on behind-the-scenes at a Velvet photo shoot. Why? Because beauty often happens when not everyone is paying attention and small moments look gorgeous through the keen eye of this wonderful woman. Here are her thoughts on hanging out with us for a day as well as some of her beautifully candid black and white snaps.

How was it being on this project with us?
LK:  It really was one of the most memorable shoots I’ve had in years, doing behind-the-scenes work is really invigorating to me. It took me back to my early journalism career when self-assigned documentary projects were my primary focus and I was only responsible for me and my camera and showing up on time.

Did you bring your usual equipment?
LK: When I was packing for the shoot, I realized the Leica M Monochrom was the perfect choice—it shoots exclusively in black and white. There was a simplicity to this shoot that I loved, such a complete pleasure to walk onto a location with only my Leica M and an iPhone.

Be honest, what were we like to work with?
LK: Easy! Leslie, the Art Director, and I share a similar aesthetic and I love her sense of style of course, so we immediately hit it off. Also, Hilary Walsh, the photographer was a dream to watch-she moves with such confidence and grace. I always love observing other female photographers in charge and I secretly enjoyed that I was just there to document and observe all the behind-the-scenes happenings; the stylists’s banter, tales from the caterer and the digitech’s stories about European travel.

BTS_spring_ella_2Velvet Behind the Scenes. Photographed by Laura Kleinhenz of Docuvitae Photography.

So we were like a bit of spring break for you?
LK: Jenny and Toni, the creative directors, trust their team implicitly and they worked together like a well-oiled machine. It was a pleasure to slip back into my documentary groove and capture the folks behind the scenes who make everything tick.

Check out Laura on instagram @LAURAKLEINHENZ or her website WWW.DOCUVITAE.COM and more bts during this shoot HERE.

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