Our Menswear Collection: Why You Need It

Our Menswear Collection: Why You Need It

We launched our first men’s collection in 2004 and since then we’ve created a line we’re very proud of. Since its inception, we have been devoted to creating simple, elevated pieces that focus on fit and quality. To further explain our inspiration, we asked our Menswear Designer Andrew Hinkley for his thoughts on the Velvet man, what’s coming up and what you need to own right now.

VE:  What’s makes the Velvet men’s collection so special?
AH: The majority of the line is made in Los Angeles and created by a family owned manufacturer. Because of this, we are able to monitor everything from beginning to end and make sure the collection stays consistent and our standards for quality are met. We are a true California brand and I feel this really shows in the new collection. Also, the fabrics we source are very special - we have been able to create some interesting custom washes and dyes  often inspired by Japanese pieces that I have acquired from my travels.


VE: How do you get inspired every season?
AH: When creating a new collection, it’s always rooted in seasonality and wearability. I take a classic aesthetic and reimagine it in a contemporary way. I focus on color, silhouettes, fit, and I experiment with textures and fabrics.

At the end of the day we really want to create something that is timeless - something you will have in your wardrobe for years to come. Reflecting on this collection, I feel a lot of my inspiration came from my travels. I’m attracted to fabrics with unique textures, natural dyes, and colors that will age beautifully over time. Since the collection is relatively classic, I make the effort to push the details that may not be initially recognized but will appreciated by the discerning eye.

VE: What are a couple of Velvet pieces that every guy needs in his closet?
AH: Aside from our tees, one of my favorites for fall is the bomber jacket - a great example of taking something everybody loves and giving it our spin. It’s got all the traditional elements of a bomber, but we lined it with a navy jersey knit, making it unconventional, but still classic. I also really like our Sammi Pant because the fit is impeccable – it’s the perfect slim, casual chino.

Also, every guy needs a couple of key athleisure pieces; it’s a big trend right now. A zip track jacket looks super cool and is a timeless look over a plain tee. In the cooler months, the more you wear, the easier it is to go about your day—so our HOODIES and thermal sweatshirts keep you warm and easily layer under a parka or jacket.


VE: What’s next for the well-dressed men of the world?
AH: Well, for 2018 we’re going to expand a bit, which is exciting. I’m going to try some different silhouettes, such as a slimmer trouser and oversized tops. Also, I think layering is one of the easiest ways to add personal style to outfits, so I’m hoping to increase our range of outerwear to include some really interesting knits from Peru. I’m not going to push the envelope too far, just enough to keep it interesting. There’s so much happening in fashion, but if something is consistent and coherent in the approach, people will get that.

Stay tuned gentlemen!

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