The Velvet Neighborhood Guide: Fillmore District, San Francisco

The Velvet Neighborhood Guide: Fillmore District, San Francisco

Like the iconic 60’s model Twiggy gushed, “I’m just mad for San Francisco, it’s like London and Paris stacked on top of each other!” We feel the same. This is a city that’s tiny in size but seriously mighty when it comes to style and, most importantly, food. One of our fave spots is the Fillmore District—10 tree-lined blocks in the heart of the Golden City. It still has an independent, neighborhood spirit with lots of vintage and antique stores, but there’s the best in fashion, food and always people watching. Also, opening up in SF gives us ample opportunities to wear our delicious cashmere sweaters and puffy jackets. Here’s our list of area go-tos:

Pizzaria Delphina — One of the most popular nosh spots in the hood and right across from our store (this is very good but also very bad). Come early or be prepared to wait. There is amazing piatti (small entrees) but the real draw is the pizza, thin crust and charred Neapolitan style. Our fave is the sublime, old school Margherita, and we’ve also been know to finish it off with a Butterscotch Budino.


Fillmore Bakeshop — San Francisco is often called the Paris of the West and this tiny spot (just four tables) feels tres francais. Specializing in European sweets, everything is made from scratch and beyond delicious; grab an espresso and a macaron for a mid-shopping break and also pick up an assortment of pastries for later and tomorrow.

Mureta's Antiques—This jewel-box of a store features some serious eye candy. Packed with antiques from Europe and Asia, the real draw here is their estate jewelry collection. Perfectly curated display cases showcase everything from Art Deco engagement rings to sweet cameo brooches.


Forest Books—A classic, old-time bookstore with a totally unique mix of used and rare books, as well as the best in contemporary fiction (we’re particularly fond of their coffee table books selection). Take a time-out from the hustle and bustle to browse and buy.

Jane—Don’t miss this coffee spot for breakfast, lunch or a snack. Pretty much everything from roasting coffee beans and blending teas to their baked goods are all done in-house (we have a soft spot for the chocolate brioche) and they do one of the best weekend brunch menus in town.


The Fillmore—Anyone who’s big on the music scene has probably played this stage—from the Grateful Dead in the 60’s, to punk rock classics like Black Flag in the 80’s and nowadays everyone from Radiohead to comedian Dave Chapelle books this central, classic spot. Super fun night out guaranteed.

Zuni Cafe—This is one of our fave lunch spots because their brick oven roasted chicken is so delicious we have it at least once a week (preferably sitting at an outside table when weather permits). With a seasonally changing menu, you can’t go wrong with anything. It’s all delicious.

SPQR — This award-winning Italian eatery boasts a coveted Michelin star, so it’s no surprise you’ll need a reservation. We love sitting at the Chef’s Counter, where you can literally watch culinary magic happen (and then eat it), but the bar is also a fab spot to end your day with a glass of vino from their encyclopedic wine list. Cheers.

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