At Velvet, we’re mad for stripes. Every collection features a least a handful of pieces—whether it’s our classic COTTON SLUB or luxe CASHMERE—that shows off this classic linear look. So, where did this simply chic style come from, and what has made it one of the most enduring trends of all time?

Like many great things in fashion, the stripe was first launched onto the style radar by Coco Chanel back in 1917. She was inspired by the sailor’s uniforms while on a trip to the north west coast of France. Upon her return to Paris, the iconic designer incorporated these striped tops into her nautical collection—the classic “Breton stripe” fashion staple was born. The name came from the region, Bretagne, or Brittany in english, and this humble navy and white long-sleeve top has now become as much of a wardrobe basic as BOYFRIEND JEANS and the LBD.

Since then, the Breton Stripe has been worn by everyone—from the dreamy James Dean in the 1955 film Rebel Without A Cause to Kate Moss running errands about London—and while the styling choices have evolved, the classic effect has remained the same. Always clean, always striking and a unisex style slam dunk.

Finally, when wearing stripes, there a couple of style cues we love for this season.

1) For spring/summer we’re loving the COMBO OF A STRIPED TOP WITH WHITE DENIM—a classic look but feels super fresh.

2) Stripes are our favorite layering pieces—a short tee under an ARMY JACKET or a long-sleeve stripe tee with a BUTTON-UP SHIRT on top.

3) Don’t be afraid to mix your stripe with other prints, think of this classic graphic as a neutral and try it with a small print floral or plaid; just keep your whole look in a similar color family and all will be stunning.

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