Being based in Southern California, there’s a few things we do well in the heat—avocado toast, music festivals and summer style. For our men’s collection this season, Head Designer Andrew Hinkley went above and beyond when picking fabrics, details and cuts to make your summer look totally effortless. So, before you stock up, we picked his brain on what the key pieces you should add to your wardrobe and start wearing now.

Men's Summer Style Angeleno Graphic Short Sleeve Tee


What were your main inspirations for the men’s collection?
AH: It’s really all about California and our indoor/outdoor lifestyle—sunny days that blend into warm nights and designing pieces that will casually suit both. Personally, I always want summer clothing that wears lightly, has a refined color palette but still has a bit of a vintage, beachcomber vibe.

Men's Summer Style Chandler Printed Stripe Short Sleeve Crew Neck Tee


What are some of your favorites?
AH: My personal favorite when it comes to t-shirts is the CHAD. Crafted in our Supima cotton slub and I designed it with raw details at the neckline, sleeves and chest pocket; it’s just really cool. My second favorite would have to be the CHANDLER, made from an amazing Peruvian jersey that is super soft and dyed in a natural cream color with a printed stripe on one sleeve. For bottoms, I like the drawstring twill pant called the ALEJANDRO, which looks great cuffed a little bit and paired with a vintage sneaker or even flip-flops.

What’s the best way to take care of tees since we wear them 24/7?
AH: I encourage everyone to use the gentle cycle and then hang them outside to dry because over time the sunlight adds a great vintage, faded look. Have a few styles and just keep them on rotation.

Men's Summer Style Jacobi Heather Jersey Polo


Great, what are some pieces for the office if we need to dress it up a bit?
AH: You can’t go wrong with a great button-up, and for summer I lightened the look of our classics by trading a traditional collar for a granddad style like on the MILTON shirt—it’s got the classic fit of our shirts but feels new. We also added the HEATH, a mandarin collared light-weight button up, that goes equally well with jeans or a trouser.

There you have it. We made it easy. We kept it cool. Check out the rest of our collection HERE.

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