How To: Create A Unique Valentine’s Bouquet

How To: Create A Unique Valentine’s Bouquet

Flowers are the go-to for Valentine’s Day so why not get a little creative when it comes to your bouquets? According to an informal study (translation: we asked around the Velvet offices), not everyone wants roses as a declaration of love. Plus, with so many gorgeous flowers out there, and this being the season for everything from tulips and lilacs to daffodils, there’s really no excuse to not give something unique and meaningful. To inspire our green thumbs and fingers we asked the lovely Madison Karsenty, owner of the newly-opened Flower Firm just down the street from our Culver City headquarters, for her tips on how to give an arrangement that really says something. Just like the object of your affection is one-of-a-kind, here are her tips on how to make your Valentine’s Day gift equally amazing.

Pick your vessel: While glass is always simple and chic, try and get your hands on something unique and preferably ceramic. That way, even when the flowers are long-gone, they’ll still have the vase as a lasting token.

Make it monochrome: If you’re feeling a bit lost when it comes to picking which flowers work together, Karsenty recommends just staying within a color palette. Neutral tones of flax, white and caramel are an easy way to go and always feel sweet and fresh.

Choose your shape: Do you want your arrangement to be tall and cascading, or tight, or loose and natural? We suggest that latter as it lets every flower be seen and appreciated, and it gives you a little bit of wiggle room when it comes to arranging because it’s a little more free form and natural.

Get your greens: Start with your greens as they are a great filler in any bouquet—we love eucalyptus leaves, Queen Anne’s Lace and any type of fern. Next, pepper in your flowers, often stepping back to get a look at your progress (this is key, it’s all about perspective and taking your time).

**Pro tip- Prep your stems: Cut all your stems at an angle so they have space to drink the water.

Play with the petals: If your buds are too closed or tight, try massaging them gently between your fingers to open them up. Also, it always looks interesting when some are closed and some more open.

Don’t overpack: Less is more. Too many flowers can make the arrangement appear cramped. Each stem should have a little room to move in the vase.

Make them last: The key to keeping a bouquet looking pretty for days is to change the water daily as that avoids any bacteria forming. Also, keep them out of direct sunlight if at all possible.

Not the DIY type? Leave it to the ladies at Flower Firm and pre-order your bouquet here. If you live in Los Angeles curbside pickup is available so you can grab and go! Finally, if you want to shower the love of your life (or yourself) with some Velvet, we have 25% off select red items for both in-store and online from this Friday the 9th, through Valentine's Day!

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