LA Stories: Mulholland Drive

LA Stories: Mulholland Drive

Hollywood’s iconic Mulholland Drive and Laurel Canyon neighborhoods are steeped in a bohemian culture and style that has been indicative of LA since the seventies. Back in the day, everyone who was someone lived in this hidden neighborhood, from Jack Nicholson to folk stars like Joni Mitchell and Carole King. 

LA Stories: Mulholland Drive  |  Velvet by Graham & Spencer

"The inspiration for this story was Angelica Huston when she was dating Jack Nicholson,” says Leslie Rutledge, Velvet’s Art Director. “In the 70’s, Laurel Canyon was really relaxed and creative so that’s what we were capturing.”  Silhouettes from our Fall Collection were perfect for showcasing this once-boho chic haven. "I kept thinking of this as the new retro,” adds Jen Patryn, who helps style our LA Stories series. “The color palette of spicy shades also feels new and plays nicely off of the pastels from summer.” To complete the looks she mixed in classic accessories like Gucci loafers, a vintage YSL scarf from that era, and a straw hat she picked up in Thailand. 

The relaxed styles of fall, such as the easy lounge wear, are also inspired by the looks from then, but on-trend for now. “We really just go with the flow for these stories and let them unfold, and this one really showcases the magic of Laurel Canyon but also feels current.” 

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